Geologic Trips, Point Reyes Peninsula

Earthquake Trail


The Point Reyes Peninsula is separated from the mainland by the San Andreas fault. The fault has been active for over 25 million years. During this period the rocks on the west side of the fault have moved northwest several hundred miles relative to the rocks on the east side. The San Andreas fault zone is roughly 1/2 mile wide and fault movement occurred along many different breaks within the fault zone at different times. The Bear Valley Visitor Center lies within the fault zone. The Earthquake Trail, just a short walk from the visitor center, has a number of exhibits that explain the San Andreas fault and the Great San Francisco Earthquake of 1906. The posts in this photo on the Earthquake Trail show where the San Andreas fault cut along the hillside and then sliced off the corner of the Skinner Barn during the 1906 earthquake. The barn has been rebuilt.

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The posts show the location of the San Andreas fault on the Earthquake Trail.