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Geologic Background, Sea Ranch

Rocks of the Gualala Basin

Location Maps, Sea Ranch



Geologic Trips, Sea Ranch and Bowling Ball Beach (pdf), by Ted Konigsmark


Exterior Websites

The Sea Ranch Association: Home.

Sonoma County Regional Parks: Gualala Point Regional Park.

Aerial Photographs of the California Coastline: Black Point,†† Walk-On Beach,†† Del Mar Point,†† Gualala Point RP.

US Geological Survey: San Andreas Fault,†† San Andreas Fault System Prof. Paper 1515.




Sea Ranch

Geologic Trips

After the San Andreas Fault leaves San Francisco, it plays tag with the California coast, coming ashore at the Point Reyes Peninsula, Bodega Bay, and finally at a stretch of the coast from Fort Ross to Manchester Beach. The rocks in this last segment are mostly sedimentary and were deposited in the Gualala Basin during late Cretaceous to Miocene time. We donít know exactly where the Gualala Basin was when it started its trip north, but it was probably somewhere in southern California or Baja California.


Places to See the Rocks

Bluff (pdf): A geologic trip along the Sea Ranch bluff provides a good opportunity to visit with these well-traveled rocks.


Meadow and Hillside (pdf): The meadow and hillside at the Sea Ranch have been sculptured by wave action to form a series of wave-cut terraces during the last 500,000 years.


San Andreas Fault (pdf): Walk along the San Andreas fault at the Sea Ranch and see ridges and sag ponds that were formed by movement along the fault.


The Sea Ranch is private property. Non-residents should contact the Sea Ranch Association for access.

San Andreas Fault


Sea Ranch

Location Map

Meadow and Hillside