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Cascadia Earthquake—Potential Damage, Rogue Valley Area


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Klamath Mountains

The Klamath Mountains are made up of hard metamorphic and igneous rocks that were added to the North American continent about 200 million years ago when the North American Plate began to move west and collide with a series of oceanic plates underlying the Pacific Ocean.


Rogue Valley

The Rogue Valley is underlain by sedimentary rocks of Cretaceous and Eocene age. These rocks are soft and easily eroded compared to the hard metamorphic and igneous rock of the Klamath Mountains to the west and the hard volcanic rocks of the Cascade Range to the east. Without these soft sedimentary rocks there would be no Rogue Valley.


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Cascade Range

The Cascade Range is made up of a thick pile of volcanic rocks that accumulated from thousands of volcanic eruptions over the last 40 million years. The magma for these volcanic rocks formed deep within the subduction zone between the North American Plate and the Juan de Fuca Plate during the collision between these two plates. 


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Rogue Valley Area

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